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Apple is preparing a new release of the popular AirPods for this year

The design of the new AirPods will be closer to representatives of the Pro line (Photo: Franziska Gabbert / dpa)

Apple will start production New series of AirPods Starting next month, this was reported by the news site Nikki. According to rumors, this new version of the headphones is preparing to launch in the second half of this year.

For some time now, rumors have been circulating about a review of Apple’s flagship hearing aids, everything indicating that this new version will have Design very similar to AirPods ProEssentially shorter than conventional frames and with an all-new chassis, it matches this renewed design.

The start of production of the new AirPods from next month means that the Big Apple plans to release them, if possible, before next year. This decision would make as much sense as it fits The official release of the new iPhone 13Which is expected to arrive in September.

In addition to AirPods, the company will also prepare for the arrival of a new version of iPhone SE, the device that was presented as the cheapest alternative to all Apple devices. This iPhone SE review will expose these rumors A-15 . processor And it will be the first in the line designated only for فقط 5G technology.

According to Nikkei, this will be Apple’s first steps towards making it happen Abandon all traces of 4G technology تقنية In their devices, so that the new iPhone SE will compete to also be the cheapest alternative to use the new next-generation communications standard as soon as it is released, which is scheduled for First half of 2022.

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Another decision the tech giant could have made was to abandon a possible new iPhone Mini for the following year. This decision could have been made after he showed this particular line from the smartphone Not be a preferred option in the eyes of consumersWhich in turn means an effort by the company to focus on developing other devices.

Among the devices that Apple will also prepare from the stages of its creation, there will be a new one MacBook Pro, also planning to launch later this year about these new laptops, it was commented that they will be available in options 14 s 16 inchesThey’ll have new treatments, and they’ll resume MagSafe Technology And you will completely give up using touch bar That was one of the main details of this type of laptop.

Over the past few years, Apple has shown great interest in Completely renew your catalogAll this will be in preparation for the launch of the new iPhone 13, so it is possible that among its plans the company will have to take advantage of the wave of news to further promote the rest of the products that make up its family of technological devices. .

Among the latest announcements, they also mentioned the creation of new iPad models, in particular iPad Mini design review Which will now look more like its professional counterparts by including the unlock button with the fingerprint reader and the disappearance of the home button on the front of the device.

We’ll have to wait a few months and find out if everything Apple plans to release this year will be able to meet the expectations of both consumers close to the brand and investors who have been interested in the decisions of the electronics giant for months.

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