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DVB-T2 - a new standard for terrestrial television.  what does it mean?  Some people will have to replace TVs

DVB-T2 – a new standard for terrestrial television. what does it mean? Some people will have to replace TVs

Next year, the level of terrestrial television broadcasting will be improved. The current DVB-T signal must replace the signal in the DVB-T2 / HEVC standard. As emphasized in the press release of the Polish Digital Association, some digital terrestrial television receivers may turn out to be unsuitable for the new type of signal.

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terrestrial television. A new type of standard from 2022

“With regard to the upcoming update of the standard for digital terrestrial television broadcasting on DVB-T2, the Digital Poland Association, which represents producers and distributors of electronic equipment, urges consumers to ensure that their television sets will be able to receive the new signal next July, The announced change will take effect ”- we can read on the website digital Poland. The company also added that all TVs sold as of November 3, 2021 “must be able to receive TV with the new DVB-T2 standard and support HEVC encoding.”

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new The standard is to provide terrestrial television users above all with higher picture and sound quality. The number of available channels will also be increased.

DVB-T2 standard. Will the device be replaced?

Before the standard change, which will happen in 2022, it is worth making sure that the equipment we use definitely has the ability to receive a DVB-T2 signal. in a Case Old TVs, it may be necessary to completely replace the device.

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TV (illustration)Replacement TVs. More than 2 million families may lose access to television

– We are aware that some Poles use receivers that currently enable them to receive digital terrestrial television, but may turn out to be insufficient to handle the new type of signal. Thus, we urge viewers to carefully check their devices and encourage them to replace their televisions in a responsible manner so that they can take advantage of the possibilities of the upcoming standard – said Michal Kanonic, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Digital Poland Association.