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Early finish: Max Hope missed the Darts World Cup – now the Tour card is in jeopardy

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Max Hope missed the Darts World Cup – and now the Tour card is in jeopardy

2020/21 William Hill World Darts Championship - Day 5

It’s time to shiver now: Max Hope threatens to lose his World Cup card

Cowell: Getty Images / Luke Walker

Max Hope missed out on qualifying for the Darts World Cup for the second time in his career. The tournament will be exciting for him anyway. The 25-year-old is threatening to lose his round card and he has to watch out for 13 players. In the end, the successes of two Germans could mean the end.

NSIt was the last chance to qualify for the Darts World Championship which started on 15th December in London after a poor season. In Monday afternoon’s PDPA qualifying, all Tour ticket holders who had not yet purchased a ticket to Alexandra Palace were able to play the last three starting positions for Court 96.

And there were also three Germans: Max Hope, Michael Unterbuchner and Stephen Siebmann. Hope even finished fourth among the 48 candidates due to his position in the world rankings, but the end was already waiting for the beginning. Edsteiner averaged 84.79 and lost 4:6 to Australian Gordon Mathers.

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Max Hope is the last German to compete in the Darts World Cup

Max Hopp vor World Cup of Darts

After the 2018 World Cup, the German record-breaking eight-legged entry not only missed the peak of the year in London for the second time in his career, he now has to shiver badly over the Tour ticket for next season. Although Maximizer is still seemingly comfortable in the 47th place in the Order of Merit, at the start of the tournament, the £25,000 he had won before the 2020 World Cup when he reached the third round, will be added to the omitted. Ranking calculated in the last two years.

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Including prize money for the first round of the World Cup in 2022, Hopp is now only 59th in the standings – only the top 64 will be eligible to play in 2022 after the tournament.

Here darts professional Martin Schindler imitates his colleagues

Martin Schindler is not only one of the best German professionals in darts. He’s also an excellent impostor. Here he recreates six world-class players. Do you know these players?

So Max Hope keeps his tour ticket

If Raymond van Barneveld, Martin Schindler, Ryan Mickley and Bradley Brooks win their opening games as expected, the 25-year-old will drop to 63rd and then have to hope that no other players from the depths of the Medal of Merit move into the Tour Third. The nominees are Alan Soutar, Nick Kenny, Robbie John Rodriguez, Richie Edhouse, Scott Mitchell, Lisa Ashton and Junior World Champion Ted Evets, Ken Perry and Florian Hempel. An exciting World Cup awaits Hopp and German fans – even without his participation.

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Marcel "Scorpio" The Althaus wants to be heard - preferably on a professional tour

Marcel “Scorpion” Althouse

Like the Maximiser, Siepmann had to give up on the first lap. He lost 5-6 against the Scotsman Ryan Murray. On the other hand, it went much better for sub-bookings. The Bavarian had been able to hope for his debut in Ally Pally for a long time. After an impressive start with the second highest average of the championship (103.22) and 6:1 against Mark McGinney of England, he didn’t give his compatriot Steve West a chance either. Once again it was 6:1. The newcomer on the tour was still losing two wins, but in the semi-finals the finish was waiting at 2:6 against Nick Kenny. Unterbuchner only got 85.3.


Back with that: led Boris Krakmar to the World Cup archery last year

Coil: PA / Impex / Kieran Cliffs

The last three places went to Kenny of Wales, James Wilson of England and Boris Krakmar of Croatia. Electronic darts legend Krcmar averaged 121.86 points in the first round. By qualifying for the World Cup, he surpassed Hope in the standings. It will not be the last. It can’t be more than five.

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