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Edita Zazak reveals why Mykoz hides his relationship with Mykozhak.  "This is my oasis"

Edita Zazak reveals why Mykoz hides his relationship with Mykozhak. “This is my oasis”

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Edyta Zając is a Polish model and TV personality. He has participated in shows in the past Fashion From world designers like Roberto Cavalli and Mary Katrantzu. He participated in one of the Kenzo commercials. In Poland, the Japanese show “Dancing with the Stars: Tonic Z Quiastami” became popular. Together with Michał Bartkiewicz, she won the 11th edition of the dance show.

Edyta Zając is trapped in the arms of his girlfriend. “They kissed passionately”

Personally, Edyta Zając has been married to footballer Jakub Rzeźniczak for four years. However, this relationship did not withstand the test of time and the spouses divorced in 2020. For months, she has been meeting a beautiful Polish female actor Michał Mikołajczak. However, searching for photos of couples on the internet is in vain. Why are they hiding?

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Edita Jazak on love in “Dancing with the Stars”: “There is something to write about”

Edyta Zając about her relationship with Michał Mikołajczak: Not all for sale

Edita Jazzi has decided not to show her relationship in public. He does not share photos with his girlfriend on social media and does not pose with her on the walls. In an interview, the star explained that he wants to protect his personal life.

I have always defended my personal life and I think this consistency pays off. Once you have allowed the media into your life, you have to take into account that people are interested, and I want to keep this privacy to myself. In my opinion, not everything is for sale, I have that character. I do not like to do anything against myself. This is my oasis, I leave it to myself.

The model also stressed that it is difficult to say what her approach will be on this topic in a few years. However, she acknowledged that she and her partner had similar priorities and lived in harmony with each other.

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