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Blanca went for treatment while Lipiska was in a relationship with Baron.  "I never want photos of my pants in the media anymore"

Blanca went for treatment while Lipiska was in a relationship with Baron. “I never want photos of my pants in the media anymore”

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Blanca Lipinska and Baron began dating in February 2020. The relationship with the musician of the Afromental band lasted only eight months. The couple split at the end of the same year. It was a real blow to many fans because they believed the musician had finally found the right partner for him. Blanca decided to split up. In the last conversation, he admitted that he had signed for treatment at the beginning of his relationship with Baron.

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Blanka Lipińska shows off their new apartment. Black Christmas tree in the living room

Blanka Lipińska It is customary to see a therapist when looking at the baron

The author of “365 dni” was asked if she remembers her old relationships, for example with a member of the Afromental band. Lipinska responded that it was important for him to be present and to consider the past as a lesson. She admitted that she did not want to brag about another relationship in the media.

I never mentioned it. For what. As with any account, this was a powerful lesson for me. Anyway, the lesson I made was to take off my pants in the media and make many decisions like not wanting to show my relationship, my love and how I woke up in the morning with someone, and so on. Represents hiccups. I also learned many things about male-female relationships, expectations, and looking at others. This is a long and complicated topic – he said in an interview with the Jastrząb Post.

Blanka Lipińska added that because of her relationship with Baron, she had to go to a specialist.

During this relationship, it was something I never said, and then I started treatment. I hope it forgave me a lot more. I can see a lot more and can see much faster. I believe that women need it so much nowadays because the innocence we have, this desire, this belief and the fact that we love someone makes us make mistakes. Let’s stop seeing too much of the unacceptable things from the beginning and forgive. So I am very grateful for this relationship because at this point I can say that I will be happy and can create happiness.

Lipinska walks in a very short Ramones jacket. Celebrities have no nose for trends!

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Since the end of her relationship with Baron, Lipinska has not been found in another man’s company, but as she herself admits, even though her heart is busy, we will not find out about it.