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A scandal in Katowice.  The match was abandoned.  Dawn fans exploded fireworks [WIDEO] Pica Nona

A scandal in Katowice. The match was abandoned. Dawn fans exploded fireworks [WIDEO] Pica Nona

On Wednesday, GKS hosted Katowice Widzew Łódź. The clash on Bougainville Street in Katowice is another belated match of the 25th Fortuna 1 Liga round and an opportunity to end the series defeat of the Katowice residents. The hosts failed to get three points from three matches and last weekend they lost 16th to Kournik Polkovis 1: 2 in the table.

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A fight at Widzew Stadium. Demolition. They showed photos after the game

Witchey was in a different situation when he defeated GKS Taichi 2: 1 at home last weekend. The crowd also joined in the fights organized by the fans of the guests at the stand. At the stadium in Pukova the situation seemed to be calm. However, it is not so.

In the 70th minute of the match, Witzew was attacked 0: 1 by Lotz fans. GieKS fans threw sparks and firecrackers at the guest stand. The referee stopped the game immediately, and … firefighters appeared on the pitch. The reason for all this was one of the flames that began to burn on the grass. Despite the announcer’s appeals, the Katowice club’s fans did not stop the attack and continued to burn in the audience. Only a dozen minutes later the situation was brought under control and the players returned to the field.

DilloloGoals scored in the last minutes are decisive. Emotions in the first league. Podbeskidzie without success since November

After returning to the field, the visiting team scored another victory. In the 84th minute, Patrick Lipsky showed incredible play, he pulled the ball to Presmislav Kida, he put the ball into the net. Widzew beat GKS Katowice 2-0 and with 49 points he is still second in the Fortuna 1 league table.

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