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Magdalena Ogrek wants to get 50,000.  From the former Rector of the University Treasury and Piotr M. soon to be investigated

Magdalena Ogrek wants to get 50,000. From the former Rector of the University Treasury and Piotr M. soon to be investigated

Journalists from, Szymon Jadczak and Paweł Figurski have uncovered the content of the allegations brought by the Krakow prosecutor’s office against Piotr M., a former (1991-1993) MP for the Democratic Left Alliance. One of the allegations is closely related Magdalena OgorekSLD candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Poland in 2015, ex-wife of Piotr M. and currently TVP presenter.

Former Rector of Piotr M., Małopolska Wyższa Szkoła im. Deedee accused the university of acting unfavorably

From the arrangements Virtual Poland It appears that Magdalena Okorek was not interested in the lawyer’s office, but was given PLN 50,000 PLN by her husband, Piotr M. – yes. This 50 thousand PLN, money owned by Małopolska Wyższa Szkoła im. Joseph Deadle in Krakow, in which Pyotr M. Was rector.

Charge, this is the end of 2021 Office of Attorneys The district office in Krakw was sent to the court, where the rector of this university (he was in 2014-2019) was precisely related to the activity of Piotr M.. According to’s journalists, there are five allegations that Dietl has acted adversely. Of them, including. Allegation of causing damage to university property in allocation of PLN 2.1 million and PLN 872 thousand. Zloty. This money should be earmarked for employees’ salaries and contributions Sister-in-law And obligations to other organizations cooperating with the school, investigators point out. In their opinion, they ended up in the Piotr M pocket.

Piotr M. must conclude interest-free loan agreements with the school. One of them is PLN 2 million. This amount was for the purchase of shares in the company that runs the school. The indictment alleges that the charges against the person were paid by Piotr M. from the funds of Małopolska Wyższa Szkoła im. Józef Dietl, without any justification. In 2018, he will have to pay 149 thousand. Zloty.

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Piotr M. asked reporters at Virtualna Polska if he had pleaded guilty. He denied himself and wrote back to them that the whole charge was absurd to him.

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Rector Piotr m. He was to pay 50,000 to his wife, Magdalena Ogorek. PLN for research

One of the allegations against Piotr M. is about the amount he transferred to his then-wife Magdalena Ogorek, a historian with a PhD in education.

Determined November 10, 2016 Virtual Poland, Signed an employment contract with Piotr M. Magdalena Ogórek: for scientific research entitled “The plunder of Polish works of art in public government in the context of the activities of Baron SS Otto”. Cucumbers need to get 50,000 slots to carry out these tests. Zloty. As determined by investigators, Piotr M. initially exchanged 50,000. Zloty. From the fund of Małopolska Wyższa Szkoła im. Joseph Deadle, first to his mother’s account and then to his wife, Magdalena Okorek. According to the attorney general’s office, the research contradicted the university’s profile at the time, mainly in the field of dietetics and cosmetology.

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Magdalena Ogórek did not comment

When asked about 50 thousand journalists Piotr M. PLN transferred to his ex-wife, he replied, “The funding for the Magdalena Okorek for the performance of scientific research is not the funding of J. Deedle University of Malofolska.”

Following the arrest of Piotr M. in July 2020, Magdalena Ogórek released a statement on social media:

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Piotr M. was detained for 9 months (until April 26, 2021) and released on bail (PLN 300,000). He faces up to eight years in prison. The trial is set to begin in mid-April.

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