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Volleyball.  ME: Heinen important after defeating Serbs

Volleyball. ME: Heinen important after defeating Serbs

Edita Kowalczyk: You defeated the toughest competitor in the group, but after a good start it was close to defeat at one point, when your competitors were already leading 2: 1?

Key Hainan: And I do not like this question.


Because in this game we came out of a very difficult situation, it was amazing to me. After the Olympics, victory after such a fight is even more important to us. We know it will not be easy at this European Championship. We said from the beginning, we are playing very fast with the Serbs because we are not ready for it yet.

So what did you win?

They love to fight, but thanks to the audience. The game certainly played a significant role here in the presence of his fans. If we had left this match, we would not have won. The fans, the bravery of my players – all of this affected the game against the Serbs.

Did the converts make a difference? Kamil Semeniuk made an excellent entry in the fourth set.

It’s always nice when guys get off the bench and do their job. I am very happy with those who entered the field, but the effort of the whole team is counted. It was three alternatives in the fourth set and we got important points. Grzegorz Łomacz played the right balls for Kamil Semenyok, which allowed him to enter the match well.

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Did the Polish national team play better than the games in some respects? The start of the Mikey Kubiak tournament was his best game of the season.

It should also be emphasized that Mike is not used to playing for so long because he returns after injury. We looked good in the first set. I am happy with the struggle we have shown. And this match will be like that. Absolutely volleyball elements do not always decide to win. There will be competitions to be won by virtue.

Did you think the victory over the Serbs would be important for the first place on the team?

For me this is important as it is our first tiebreak win this season. We lost to France twice – in the League of Nations and the Olympics, we lost to the Iranians after five sets. Winning will affect the well-being of the team. The atmosphere of the morning training session after the game will not be so happy.

So far you have started matches with your base team, but can we expect a cycle in the next games?

Talking about it is even faster. Meeting with Serbia will cost us a lot. In the morning I will see how the players will feel and who will like to play. Let’s also see how Mikey Kubiak is.