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Polish great cheat in the match

Polish great cheat in the match

Both teams entered the “peak” match undefeated. The Serbs won the first two matches against Belgium (3: 1) and Ukraine (3: 0). The Poles played only one game against Portugal, in which they won 3: 1. Vittal Heinen did not hide the fact that he expects an equal, five-set match against the current European champions. Once that is done, the experienced Belgian will not fail in his predictions. However, without the referees, perhaps this tie-break would not have happened.

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Elivka: We have to play with a smile on our face and give emotions to the fans

Situation on the table after the match with Serbia. Poland won, but not the leader of the group

Fraud in the match between Poland and Serbia. Something to prove Leon wrong

What’s going on? In particular, it is about the position at the end of the second set. On the board Results The set was 1-0 for Poland, with the Serbs leading 22:21 in the second game. Alaksandar then attacked Athanasijevich, and Wilfredo Leon and Pyotr Novakovsky jumped into the block. The judges gave the Serbs a point and Lyon hit the net. Interestingly, the judge found that Leon had touched the net Stop. Vittal Heinan was furious and demanded the challenge loudly for several minutes. When he did, the absurdity reached its peak.

Repeatedly shown from a camera like this, Leon’s leg actually looked dangerous near the bar below. This is an illusion caused by an unfavorable outlook. In fact, Leon had a leg band at knee height after a jump. Everything is explained exactly by the screen shots posted on Twitter by the journalist, Artur Skrzypczyński. “Well, apparently Wilfredo has no bones and no arrows, and his leg hangs at the knee joint,” he commented.

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The move was very important, thanks to which the Serbs took the lead at 23:21 and they did not return him until the end of the set. So it was 1: 1, the next game was won by the Serbs and the Poles, no room for error. Fortunately, they led to a tie-break, which turned out well and they won the tough match 3-2 at the group stage.

Mikes Kubiak and Vittal HeinenSuddenly Heinen went crazy! A change changed the game of the poles. The coach was against her for a long time

On Sunday, the Poles will play against Greece. Live on and LIVE mobile application.

Strong Game – #StrojeZaAsy at the European Volleyball Championship

For every service card of Polish volleyball players at the European Championships, the authors of will fund the competition equipment for young players. In the first game against Portugal with one service, they scored eight points, which means they funded 24 outfits. Against Serbia, the White-Reds served nine more cards, making an additional 27 outfits!

Volleyball, the unofficial capital of the website – the Sepilia Building in Warsaw and the main train station in Katowice – we will be counting the next tickets for the final stage of the next event on the Internet and in the external advertising media. Details of the action can be found here, and the rules of the competition select the winning clubs at this link.