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Photo: UM Uniejów

On Saturday (January 8), the 5th Conference of the County Branch of the Union of Voluntary Fire Forces of the Republic of Poland in Poddębice was held at the castle in Uniejów.

Delegates met to summarize the activities of the 5-year term and to select new officers.

Poddębice – dh Tadeusz The Chairman of the Group of the Poviat Branch of ZOSP RP at Chmielewski welcomed the guests. Among the guests, among others: dh Jan Ryś – Chairman of the Provincial Branch Board of ZOSP RP in Łódź, Senior Brick. M.Sc. Grzegorz Janowski- Provincial Commander of the Łódzki State Fire Service, źdź, Małgorzata Komajda – Poddębicki Staroste, Young Brig. Radosław Cieślikowski – County Commander of the State Fire Service in Poddębice;

Krzysztof Janiak was elected President of the Congress, and his father Wiesław Grzybowski became Secretary of the Congress.

The conference was an opportunity to present decorations and medals to the most deserving friends. They were awarded:

  • Silver badge “Meritorious for fire safety” – dh Krzysztof Janiak,
  • Bronze badge “Meritorious for fire safety” – dh Tadeusz Chmielewski and Marian Kokorzycki,
  • Diploma in Commander-in-Chief of the State Fire Service – dh Wojciech Tomczyk,
  • Medals of Honor Friends of the Bolshoi Somics: Marion Kokorsicki and Lek Kovalsik,
  • Honorary Badge “Meritorious for the fire safety of the Lotsky Warship” – dh Wojciech Tomczyk.

Special thanks to Talikov-Tadeusz Adamsky, a friend of the volunteer fire department who was unable to attend Congress for the first time in 46 years. On his behalf, colleagues thanked him from the unit.

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The most important formal part of the meeting was the presentation of the ZOP ZOSP RP Report on Poddębice by my friend Tadeusz Chmielewski – Chairman of the Executive Committee of the OP ZOSP RP.

The statistics of the following group are noteworthy:

  • Has incorporated 80 companies, including 17 affiliated with KSRG.
  • It has 3,476 members, including 452 women and 3,024 men.
  • There are 16 fire brigades with 146 members
  • There are 10 bands and 7 bands,
  • There are 79 fire stations.

An important issue is the condition of the cars in the branch, which include:

  • Heavy fire trucks – 8 pcs.
  • Medium fire trucks – 33 pcs.
  • Light fire trucks – 54 pcs.
  • Other cars – 6 items
  • Motor boats – 2 pcs.

It is noteworthy that during the reporting period the units were enriched with 6 new heavy and medium fire trucks and 2 new light cars.

As part of the functions of the OP ZOSP RP in Poddębice:

  • He chaired 8 meetings of the Board of Management and 19 meetings of the Presidium of the Board of Management.
  • Sports and fire competitions organized,
  • Organizing Commune and Bowie Fire Knowledge Competitions,
  • He organized an art competition called “Young People Prevent Fire”.
  • Organized occasional firefighting events, including Provincial Firefighter Day.

The report on the activities of the Management Board was supplemented by the report of the Audit Committee, which was presented by the Chairman – dh Marek Majchrzak.

Newly selected systems of OP ZOSP RP in Poddębice have the following configuration:

Board of Management of OP ZOSP RP in Poddębice:

  • Board Chairman – Wojciech Kałużny (Vartkovis Commune)
  • Vice Chairmen of the Board of Management – Krzysztof Janiak (Uniejów Commune), Artur Stępień (Dim Commune)
  • Secretary – Krzysztof Dzierżawski (Talikov Commune)
  • Treasurer – Tadeusz Chmielewski (Uniejów)
  • Bureau members – Przemysław Jaszczak (Poddębice commune), Małgorzata Komajda (Poddebicki Staroste), Radosław Cieślikowski (Poviat Commander of the State Fire Service), John Balka (Pęczniew Commune).
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Review Panel: Emil Marciniak (Chairman), Tomas Kapitula (Vice-Chairman), Tomas Tomaszewski (Secretary).

Representatives of the Provincial Branch Committee of ZOSP RP: Wojciech Kałużny, Krzysztof Janiak.

The Poviat branch conference of ZOSP RP in Poddębice was the 11th of 22 conferences to be held in our voivodeship.

The ZOSP RP’s provincial branch congress is scheduled for May 20 in Sieradz, and the full report of the volunteer fire brigade structures and election campaign will conclude with the ZOSP RP’s primary congress in Warsaw.

Source: UM Uniejów