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Wojciech Skurkiewicz (fot. PAP/Rafał Guz)

Vice President of the Ministry of National Defense: We do not comment on information on Russian websites. Storm at Parliamentary Security Committee meeting

Vozzyk Skerkievich, deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense, told opposition representatives that the government and, more importantly, the Ministry of National Defense did not comment on or comment on information on Russian websites. Security Committee Meeting. Opposition MPs were outraged by the refusal to accept this.

Russian attack? Journalists explain, and Onet blames – then changes the subject

When confusing information appeared on the Facebook profile of Michael Dorsik, the wife of the Prime Minister’s Chancellor, the journalists began to check and establish the sources …

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On Tuesday

This meeting item is scheduled at the request of the members of the post. Cezary Tomczyk, who submitted the application, stressed that “this matter is serious and is about the content of emails published on the Internet.” He also described the emails as “the image of the state”, “a film that hides the truth” and a “propaganda film”.

Vice President of the Ministry of National Defense: Information is distributed in an independent body

Wojciech Skurkiewicz, vice-president of the ministry, should mention the proposal put forward by Tomczyk instead of Błaszczak. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government.

In the Ministry of National Defense, he said, nothing has changed in the circulation of classified information since the PO-PSL regime. Insisted Such information is distributed independently of the Milnet-Z system“Cannot connect to any external system”. He further added that the allegations made by MP Tomsik were “unrecognized and defamatory”.

At the same time, Skurkiewicz assured that the Ministry of Defense would not shy away from discussing security issues with parliamentarians.

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– We are not disappointed, we are. With regard to purchases, we have also had a detailed discussion of the institutional structures of the military. There is nothing to hide from the Ministry of National Defense – Skurkiewicz confirmed.

Opposition, do not go like that! Do not be a tool of misinformation of the Kremlin

Russian hackers have repeatedly shown that if they want to hack an account, they will find a way. Governments of many countries are defending themselves against them …

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After these words, Michał Jach (PiS), the head of the Security Council, said that the ministry did not approve of the title, “referring to it as much as possible and that the discussion was meaningless.” At the same time, he ended the group meeting.

Opposition parties want the commission fresh

Opposition MPs raised their voices and shouted in Jack’s direction: “Corruption”, “But you’re scared.” They announced that they would prepare a motion for “breach of the rules (by the head of the Security Council) and restart the Committee” and submit it to Sejm Marshall.

MP Cezary Tomczyk said on Twitter that he would submit a “notice of the group’s breakdown of the group’s and the possibility of committing a crime in violation of its powers” by the head of the National Security Council.

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