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Elbląg: They shouted "j *** PiS" during the prom.  There will be punishment

Elbląg: They shouted “j *** PiS” during the prom. There will be punishment

The season has begun Concert. The recording of one such event in Elbląg hit the network. You may hear high school students shouting “j *** PiS”. The portal describes them as a 3rd high school dance show. John Paul II in Elblock.

“Teaching” to the school and a reprimand to the student

The portal asked the school’s head teacher Beta Orsek about this. Announcing the incident was a “lesson”, he said, adding that “what music can not be played in the play should be written in the contract with the DJ”. As he noted, “Academics responded to the situation during the event and talked to the DJ, but unfortunately the song already sounded”.

“Whatever the name of the school, such behavior is against its good name and is absolutely reprehensible. Unfortunately, this incident happened, at 2pm, I did not come to the concert. […] – He mentions the patron of John Paul II School.

The rest of the article is available under the video:

One of the students has recorded the prom, but has already removed it. Meanwhile, the video began to spread on social media. The principal confirms that the student and his parents were interviewed and that the teenager was reprimanded.

“J *** PiS” is a popular slogan among enemies Government. Sung to the tune of the song “Call on Me” that spread during the women’s struggle after the verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal that tightened the abortion law in Poland.

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