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PSG - Angers.  Weak PSG home exhausted success.  Appendix 1. Conclusion

PSG – Angers. Weak PSG home exhausted success. Appendix 1. Conclusion

PSG wants to suppress, eat and spit on competitors. Messi must beat the Lig 1 defenders like the kids and score a lot of goals for the Parisians. How is that really? Oh, yes, PSG presents itself credibly at its best, and even the team’s biggest star fails.

Messi, along with Angela de Maria, is currently in South America, where he fights in the Argentina L.A. World Cup. Similarly, Neymar scored a goal for the Brazilians 4-1 against Uruguay on Thursday to Friday night.

In the absence of these three giants, PSG’s attack against the Angers was as follows: Rafinha, Moro Icardia and Kylian Mbabane. In the middle of Morrisio Pochettino’s side, Danilo, Marco Verratti and Ander Herrera appeared. They did not advise the Anchors players in the first half of the match at the Park de Princes.

Before changing pages, PSG was simply bad. Apparently, the Parisians had the ball often, but for 45 minutes they could not create a clear situation. And their competitors are not idle.

Angelo Pulkini and Sofian Bofal especially fought the Angers attack. In the first half of the game both players had some chances to open the match results. Finally, in the 36th minute of the game, Fulkini got his way with Fulkini’s excellent help. The Moroccan striker crossed to the right to play a perfect, flat ball in the penalty area at Bulgini. The French midfielder finished the job.

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In the second half of the game, the Angers players returned to a very deep defense, but for a long time they were in complete control of the course of the crowd. The Parisians surprised them when Danilo scored a goal in the 69th minute after Kylian Mbabane had scored.

Shortly before the end, the French sniper ensured victory for his team. Mbappe confidently used the penalty at the hands of Pierre Capel.

PSG won, however, in terms of the course of the competition, it should be considered a lucky win. The Anchors players are not bad on Friday and deserve at least one draw. If not for Mbappe, it could be very different …

Paris Saint-Germain – Anger SCO 2: 1 (0: 1)

Goals: Danilo (69), Kylian Mbabane (87) – Angelo Pulkini (36)

Yellow Cards: Verdi – Capelle

Paris Saint-Germain: Gianluigi Donnarumma – Colin Dagba (72. Agraf Hakimi), Thilo Kehrer, Bresnel Kimbebe, Abdu Diallo (63. Juan Bernard) – Ander Herrera (72. Julian Drakler), Marco Verrett, Danilo – 63. Rof. Icardi, Kylian Mbabane

Anger SCO: Paul Bernardoni – Vincent Monso, Ismail Drore, Romain Thomas; Jimmy Cabot, Batista Mendy, Thomas Mangani, Pierre Capelle – Angelo Pulkini (77. Stephen Bahogan) – Mohammed Ali-Cho (64. Bilal Brahimi), Sofian Bofal (77. Acetin Onahi)