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Elder Coils: X-Men Actor Reveals He Burned Discs On His Stove To Overcome His Addiction

Although the The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim Perhaps the most famous title in the epic Bethesda. its predecessor, amnesia, is also loved by his fans, with some even arguing as to which of this pair is the best. Although the answer might be obvious, since then amnesia It did not reach three generations of consoles.

Sheikh manuscripts

on condition Sheikh manuscripts It’s a beloved story. Its popularity and the re-release of the fifth title has allowed many players, from different walks of life, to experience the addictive gameplay mechanics. Among them is the actor James McAvoy, who you might remember for playing the young man The tenth professor In modern films X-Men.

How to Fight The Elder Scrolls Addiction, According to James McAvoy

In an interview with Forbesactor X-Men, Split And This is the second partTalk about a time in his life when he was addicted to video games. In 2007, his girlfriend at the time gave it to him mosques a Xbox 360 with a copy of The Fourth Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

It was the kind of game I always loved when I was a kid: like RPGs ZeldaAnd mana secret, all that kind of stuff. I love fantasy role-playing gamesThe actor commented, who later added that he went from sleeping at 10 at night to sleeping until 4 in the morning because he was playing. The Manuscripts of the Fourth Sheikh: amnesia.

The moment he stopped his addiction was one night when he started playing at 8pm and didn’t stop until the car that was going to take him to work sounded its horn. see time, mosques He realized it was already 5:35 AM, so he decided to take drastic measures. Stop, take his copy of Scrolls of Sheikh IV And they burned him on his stove.

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The actor admitted that after that he moved away from the world of video games for more than a decade. Although now, thanks to his son, he is back to playing and developing his addiction FIFA. Hopefully he won’t burn another bad record again, even though he probably already has one. What game has given you an addiction similar to mine McAvoy With Sheikh manuscripts?

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