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Xbox in honor of the indigenous Mexican peoples

Those who have traveled to Guerrero have certainly seen wooden logs that are delicately decorated in various ways. This is the seal of the community whose name means “earthquakes”. In this mountainous region, trees abound, and linaloe, whose wood has a delicious aroma, is the raw material for the manufacture of “boxes”, a custom passed down from generation to generation.

From a young age, the inhabitants of Olinalá learn how to create their own artwork, the shape and aesthetics of which require very careful work. Limestone, natural pigments, oils, feathers, thistles, hair, and earth are the essential elements for craftsmen’s hands to fill wood with painted and exquisite carvings, so that it becomes a treasure for its next owner.

“The art of Olinalá is very beautiful. The oils are completely natural. Edwin Ruiz Ventura, craftsman from ICAT – Olinalá, commented,” he said. “What I feel most about my work is that the pieces that pass through my hands have reached parts of the world that I did not expect to reach. , and paintings given to popes and presidents, make me happy.”

The captured characters reflect a cultural and historical exchange between Orientals and Europeans, but with the creative touch of the Guerrero people, which is shown in this creation.

Mina understands that this type of initiative not only helps artisans make their work known to the world but also makes users more aware of the cultural diversity that exists in the world.

In the case of the control being interfered with by artisans from Hidalgo, Xbox sought the support of artisans from Tenangos Ma Hoi, who made the embroidery for the device.

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“The Place of the Walls,” meaning Tenango, is known for the magic of its threads that carry a piece of history into every strand. Hand embroidery, whose work requires patience and precision, has a traditional value that goes beyond its bright colors and original designs for its passion, as it tells the history of the mountain people.

“All the embroidery is in keeping with the mood of the person doing the embroidery at the time,” explained Victoria Lucas Patricio, the craftsman from Tinangos Ma Hoyi, who wove the cap for the controller that intervened. While, for his part, Hortensio Vargas Seville, the painter who collaborates with the group of artisans, added: “The depiction of the tinango is a reaction from our environment, from the elements in the area.”

These artisans have inherited the ancestral techniques of their culture and seek to share them with their families and with the world thus preserving their heritage and their communities. “I want it to remain a legacy. Perhaps my children will learn something from me and this will be a small trace that I will leave through them”, explained Vargas Seville. On the other hand, Rosemary Alvarado Lucas, a craftsman from Tenangos Ma Hoi, concluded: “For me, it is important to celebrate the day of indigenous peoples so that their cultures and traditions are not lost, so that there is still sustenance for many families.”

The hardware that was made won’t be for sale, and for now they’ll seek to stay in a museum or a place where it can be distributed, according to Xbox.

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