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English League Cup. Tottenham have made a number of mistakes. Chelsea used both Premier League and Sport WProst

The first of two English League Cup semi-finals between Chelsea and Tottenham was marked by Spurs’ major mistakes. Antonio Conte’s side conceded two goals in the first 45 minutes.

English League Cup. Chelsea once, Chelsea twice and Spurs big problems

Chelsea scored the first goal in the 5th minute. The accusations of Thomas Toussaint worked well. Marcos Alonso took the ball to the left and sent it vertically to Guy Howard. One of Tottenham’s defenders should have picked up the ball, but he was too asleep and the German threw a shot that went wide of Tonganga’s effort. As you may have guessed, the defensive effort was not fruitful and Chelsea were leading 1-0.

The Blues’ second win was a definite own goal. After going into the penalty area, Thanganga hit the ball with his head and hit his teammate Ben Davis.

Chelsea – Tottenham. Spurs fought for at least one goal

The break of the match allowed Antonio Conte to justify his players as they showed themselves much better in the second inning and often reached the opponent’s goal. It is important to note that Spurs calmed down the game at the defensive level and that Chelsea did not have such an easy approach to the opposition’s sixteen. The game looked much happier as it was not as one-sided as it was in the first 45 minutes.

However, Tottenham’s efforts did not compensate for the defeat. No goals were scored for Spurs at the end of the match, meaning Antonio Conte’s team will face tough work at home during the rematch on January 12. Tottenham will start the battle two goals behind after the first game ended 2-0.

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