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Premier Portugalii Antonio Costa zapowiedział w czwartek wieczorem ogłoszenie w kraju stanu klęski żywiołowej w związku z nasilającą się epidemią Covid-19. W ramach nowych restrykcji, które wejdą w życie 1 grudnia, do przylotów do Portugalii upoważnione będą tylko osoby z ważnym negatywnym wynikiem testu na obecność SARS-CoV-2.

Portugal enters natural disaster due to epidemic

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced on Thursday evening that the country would be declared a natural disaster in the wake of the rising Govt-19 epidemic. Under the new restrictions, which take effect on December 1, only those with valid negative SARS-CoV-2 test results will be allowed to come to Portugal.

Violation of this rule will be bound, he noted Airlines fined Rs 20,000. Euro for every traveler who comes to Portugal without proper check.

The head of government explained that due to the arrival of the fifth wave of Govt-19 in the country, it was necessary to limit social interactions in the pre-Christmas period and in the first days of January 2022.

Costa suggested meeting others in public places ahead of the holiday season after the test to confirm the absence of Covit-19.

The Prime Minister has called on employers to allow their employees to work remotely from December 1. He also confirmed it Delivery across the country will be mandatory in the first week of 2022 and schools will be closed from January 1 to 10 for distance education.

Guests will be allowed to enter Portuguese restaurants, gyms and hotels only on the basis of the Kovit-19 passport.

In turn, only those with a negative test for SARS-CoV-2 will be allowed to enter the premises of bars, discos, stadiums and hospitals and nursing homes.

In the last 24 hours, Portugal has detected the highest number of new infections since July – 3,150. Fifteen people have died from Govt-19 disease. These are even lower rates than they were during the winter wave at the end of last year. The total dose was 86% of those vaccinated. Residents.