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Epson equipment for pampering dad

Epson equipment for pampering dad

Father’s Day is approaching, and if you still don’t know what to give him, technology is always a great option to pamper him, especially with the “digital push” we’ve seen in recent years, in which technology has stood as an ally, both in work and entertainment environments.

Thus, there is a world of options, and in order to speed up this task, Epson proposes the following options to give Dad equipment of the highest technology, familiarity and connectivity to accompany him in his academic or business activities or to enjoy the extended family.

team direction

Video viewing has been one of the trends that has been on the rise, with the ability to recreate the cinema experience at home, of any space and personal taste, to enjoy series, movies, games and even video games on a large scale.

Versatility was another great feature of viewing video, maximizing academic and professional activities, and providing a series of benefits ranging from viewing videos, documents and video calls, among others, to exploiting these activities no matter where they are taken from. .

Epson suggest video projector PowerLite E20 For those parents who need a PC that offers a great display for academic and professional activities, by providing immersive environments, thanks to its vibrant XGA native resolution and built-in 5W speaker. And you don’t have to worry about the battery, given the long lamp life of 12,000 hours in ECO mode.

On the other hand, Epson is betting on a video projector PowerLite X49 For those dynamic parents, who move from one activity to another, from one place to another and need a device that is easy to transport, and makes a great presentation. Whether it’s the office, a presentation, or watching movies or gaming at home in the afternoon, this device provides clear, bright and colorful images, plus an optional wireless connection, allowing you to view content without the need for cables to be placed anywhere.

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Max color

Thinking of those parents who need to print in their academic or work activities, Epson suggests its multifunction printers Ecotank L3210 y Ecotank L3251which is also a versatile solution for the whole family, due to its heat-free technology, which avoids high printing costs and waste, ensures quality prints, as well as offers a long useful life and high equipment performance.

In addition to these benefits, for its part, the EcoTank L3251, It’s fully WiFi-connected, WiFi Direct® and Epson Smart Panel printing capabilities available for wireless printing directly from a mobile device.