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ERC Ingolstadt: 4-2 in Schwenningen: ‘Big win for the team’

ERC Ingolstadt wins its away match at the bottom of the Schwenninger Wild Wings by 4:2 thus preventing a (renewed) slide into the crisis. On Tuesday it will be at home against Augsburg.

almost will be ERC Ingolstadt Slither back into the direction of the crisis. But after the 2:5 defeat at home to Cologne on Friday, it was followed by an important away win at Schwenninger Wild Wings on Sunday night. With a success of 4:2 (2:2, 1:0, 1:0) and an improvement in ninth place in the table, ERCI was allowed to go home, even if some of the Panthers’ weaknesses were revealed once again.

The first third was initially in the spirit of Ingolstadt: the Lyon Hotel got past Schwenninger and put it into the hole – Chris Burke hit the far corner and scored to make it 1-0 (2). A little later: David Warsowski’s shot from the blue line – Mirko Hovlin grabbed his racket between them and went up to 2-0 (third). The Oberbayern could have increased, but Justin Wieser (eighth) and Burke (ninth) failed to get past goalkeeper Joachim Eriksson.

Ingolstadt goalkeeper Kevin Reich blocks the next goal

His counterpart, Kevin Reich, blocked Schwenninger’s (12th) connection with the correct sailboat. But this happened in the following power game: Ingolstadt Forgotten Tomas Zaborsky in the far post, who introduced the cross pass to 1:2 (13th place). Then the leopards themselves had the opportunity to add more (19). Instead, it got scary on Halloween night: a puck lost and a defender (Warsovsky) couldn’t catch up fast enough. Daniel Pfavingut performed the Reich Tunnel until 2:2 (19). Unbelievable, but true: the eighth (!) Conceded in their power play this season.

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In contrast, the air was slightly out in the second trimester. Rarely has it been really dangerous in front of goalkeepers. And when they did, they were there. The first storm, Frederick Storm, failed due to Ericsson’s hunting. On the other hand, Reich, in turn, grabbed the Wild Wings goalkeeper (33). Then Schoeninger – rather than defending – preferred to wrestle with Lewis Marc Aubry behind the penalty area. Wayne Simpson grabbed the exposed disc and pulled in front of the gate. Indeed, Ericsson closed everything in the short corner, but the ERCI scorer’s shot from an acute angle somehow found its way into the net (39). With Ingolstadt leading 3-2, he then moved to the cabins. “Our goal was to win the second third – and we succeeded,” captain Fabio Wagner said during the break at Magenta Sport.

Good chances, especially in playing the force

In the last section, he worked on the attack with opportunities especially in strong play, where Aubrey had bad luck with the crossbar (46). Shortly thereafter, the Panthers were given another power game – and this time they beat them! Hoflin’s shot was initially blocked. But Brandon DeFazio was in place and used the rebound to make it 4-2 (49).

Schöningen He tried a lot and got Ericsson off the ice early when he was outnumbered by an extra attacker (55th place). But Reich and his men were left with nothing, thus ensuring a very important away victory.

“We played really well in third and then had a good rest from the game,” Ingolstadt striker Chris Burke said on the magenta microphone. “It was a huge victory for the team.”

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ERC Ingolstadt should return to work on Tuesday (7.30 pm). Then there will be a derby against the Augsburg Panthers at the local Saturn Arena.

ERC Ingolstadt: Reich-Wagner, Marshall; Bode, Hüttl; Coas, Warsowski; Gnyp – DeFazio, Feser, Storm; Burke, Aubrey, Simpson; Hovlin, Pieta, Suramiz; Stachowiak, Henriquez, Bron. – rip: 0: 1 Bourque (2.), 0: 2 Höfflin (3.), 1: 2 Zaborsky (13./PP), 2: 2 Pfaffengut (19./SH), 2: 3 Simpson (39.), 2: 4 DeFazio (49./PP). – viewers: 3035.