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EURO handball players will open in Katowice. The stars played in an exceptional match

32 teams will play during the 2023 World Cup Finals, which will take place on January 11 and 29. 112 matches will be played in it. As many as 61 will be held in Poland. It is already known that the opening match and all group stage matches will take place at the Spodek Arena in Katowice. In Katowice, the group stage will also take place in July.

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“Few people believed in us before the tournament. Not only on television but in general.”

A definite victory for the Polish handball players. The European Championship is approaching

Big stars in 11v11 match

The World Cup is the biggest and most prestigious handball event, bringing to us 32 of the best teams in the world. We have never had such an event in Polish handball. We recently managed to organize Euro 2016, so we are able to organize big events. We are pleased to have Katowice and Halla Spodek, an icon of our country, as one of the hosts, Henrik Szczepanski, President of the Polish Union for the Development of the Polish Press (ZPRP), said at a special press conference.

An agreement of intent in this regard was signed on Monday. It happened at the Silesian stadium, which forever went down in the history of Polish handball. – On May 1, 1962, a match between the Silesian national team and Magdeburg was held here, attended by 62,000 spectators, which was a record for Polish handball matches, said Professor Bogdan Sogkin, First Vice President of ZPRP.

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After the press conference, the cult sports facility for Poland was the venue for an exceptional 11-man handball duel. Prominent stars of this discipline and world championship medalists: Swäowir Szmal, Grzegorz Tkachik, Bartosz Yureki, Marcin Legowski, Rafai Kopetl, Damien Wilklack, Radoslaw Wassiak, Iona Nidovedo and Monica Mega. There were also stars from the past – medalists at the Olympic Games in Montreal: Siegfried Kochta, Janusz Szyrowinsky and Stanislav Mallorca.

The match lasted thirty minutes and the white won by 11:5. They played in it, among others Szmal, Kuchta, Tkaczyk, Wasiak. The first, although he ended his sports career three years ago, entered the whole second half and once again showed amazing reflexes in the net. In addition, he was one of the top players on his team who motivated his teammates to return to defense and positioning. Almost everyone smiled when Szmal shouted loudly in Kuchta’s direction: Come, come, hurry up, and hurry back to the defense. It would not be surprising, if not for the fact that Kuchta is already 77 years old.

– It was his first appearance in Game 11 people. I heard a bit about it from the stories of my dad who starred in it. Lately, I’ve prepared a bit to know what they are, what are the rules and what is a goalkeeper (laughs). Only in theory of course. It was fun, and it required some tactics, because in the past you could do a double. I was wondering how to defend the ball at such a big goal, but today I realized that if you let someone walk in one corner, it would pay off and the throw was saved. I shouted loudly to let the extreme players go because there was a better chance of defending. You cared all the time, because in life you always have to fight for victory. That’s basically the sport – said smiley Sławomir Szmal after the match.

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Viv embarrassing problem.  The worst in LM. Viv embarrassing problem. The worst in LM. “You should call a psychiatrist.”

The next hosts of the World Championships will be known soon. From Poland, you will likely also be: Krakow, Gdansk and Bük. It is already known that the hosts in Sweden will be: Goeteborg, Malmoe and Stockholm. In this last city will be held matches for the bronze medal and the final.