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European Parliament approves passport vaccination – valid from 1 July

The motion was voted on by 546 votes to 93 against, with 51 abstentions.

Vaccine cards are due to be used in Sweden from 1 July.

Parliaments and member states have previously discussed whether countries should be allowed to impose national coronavirus restrictions, such as entry quarantine requirements.

They demanded the lifting of restrictions completely after the introduction of the vaccination passport. But member states won those negotiations and there will still be opportunities for countries to set their own rules of entry. Abeer Al-Sahlani (centre) is very critical of this.

“It is still not possible to guarantee free travel to fully vaccinated citizens, but they can be subject to quarantine or testing requirements,” she says.

The compromise reached by Parliament is a grant totaling 100 million euros, which countries are to use to buy cheap tests.

It is good that the European Union now contributes to facilitating access to testing. Moderate member Thomas Toby says the so-called vaccine passport serves as evidence of a negative coronavirus test.

In addition to the vaccine certificate, the passport will also contain information about previous coronavirus infections and show the results of new Covid tests.

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