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Joshua Hall pretended to be the Trump family – and could face up to 20 years in prison

On Tuesday, 22-year-old American Joshua Hall was charged with online fraud and identity theft. According to the indictment, Donald Trump’s son Barron Trump, brother Robert Trump and sister of former President Elizabeth Trump Grau, among others, demonstrated.

With the help of accounts, he collected more than 57,000 crowns for the fictitious “Gay Voices for Trump” movement, according to Forbes. He stated that it was a popular movement for gay Americans.

Donald Trump believed himself in invention and at one time wrote “Thank you very much Elizabeth, my love!” from him private Twitter account.

“I want some fun”

The scam became known in the American media in December of last year. The FBI decided to investigate Joshua Hall after that and now decided to prosecute him with the US Department of Justice.

Joshua Hall, who works as a food courier in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, has not yet commented on the verdict – but has previously said he “just wanted some MAGA supporters to start and have some fun.” According to the indictment, he used the money himself.

The accounts have been deleted from Twitter. If convicted, Joshua Hall could face up to 20 years in prison, Bloomberg writes.

“Hall deceived hundreds of people into believing they had donated money to an organization that didn’t exist by pretending to be people they weren’t,” said William Sweeney Jr., deputy director of the FBI in New York, according to Forbes.

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