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European Parliament: Yes to Brexit – DN.SE

Just over a year after the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on January 31, 2020, it is often seen as a formality to agree now also to the agreement governing cooperation across the English Channel.

The agreement was reached On Christmas Eve last year and had been in effect temporarily since the start of the year. Now it is also expected to be real, when the European Parliament vote numbers are added on Wednesday morning.

In the European Parliament, which has approved a trade and cooperation agreement with the European Union 660 to 5, supporters still hope for Britain’s return.

– not finished yet. We will see each other again. Britain is part of Europe and its future place will be its people’s place among friends in the European Union, says Andreas Schieder of the SPÖ Social Democratic party in Austria.

Critics, in turn, believe that the current European Union has no future.

I stand here as the representative of a new generation of conservatives who do not want your open borders, who do not want to pay the debts of capital transfers from north to south, and do not want an overwhelming bureaucracy that says what we may or may not do. Let Brexit be a spark that ignites real reform, says Michel Hoogeveen of the European Union, skeptical of JA21 in the Netherlands.

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