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European Union Foreign Minister: Sending ships to the Taiwan Strait

European Union foreign affairs officer Joseph Burrell He wrote in a guest editorial in the Journal du Dimanche that Taiwan is important to Europe economically, commercially and technologically.

“Therefore, I call on European fleets to patrol the Taiwan Strait to show Europe’s determination regarding freedom of navigation in this sensitive area,” he wrote.

The Strait separates Taiwan from mainland China. It is the main route for ships from China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to Europe. China claims its rights in the strait, as well as the right of Taiwan itself, while Taiwan considers the straits to be international waters.

The United States has been sending warships through the strait on a regular basis in recent years, which angers China.

“The US warships are flexing their muscles again and again under the pretext of exercising freedom of navigation. It is not about keeping the region free and open,” the spokesman said. Liu Pingyu At the Chinese Embassy in Washington at the beginning of the year.

Borrell’s comment can be seen in the light of the French president Emmanuel Macron During a state visit to Beijing, he made remarks that were interpreted as extremely pro-Chinese regarding the Taiwan issue.

– Macron said to several media outlets: We must not get involved in chaos and global crises that are not ours.

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