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Three people accused of defaming Macron

It was Wednesday, when Emmanuel Macron was beginning a 100-day “cooling off period” after a fierce battle over raising the general retirement age to 64, that he found himself in the midst of a booing crowd in the small town of Selestate. in Alsace.

The society was chosen to give an image of the idyllic French countryside, and the chief’s staff may have hoped for the salute.

Instead, he was greeted by a storm of cultivators as he stepped out into the field.

Macron is famous for being so adept at dealing with criticism in crowds–but here he was so disliked that sometimes he seemed speechless. One man explained, among other things, that “we’ve never had a president with such a corrupt government” and that Macron “will fall one day.”

When the tour continued in Birol in the south of France, the situation was similar. One woman said: “Many voted for you to stop Marine Le Pen. But you don’t seem to care at all.”

Seven out of ten French people still want Macron to reverse the reform. But during the country tour, many of them were not released near the president.

Establishment of the police Surrounding and arresting hundreds of suspected “activists”. Among other things, the basins were confiscated by the police, after the local governor declared a ban on “things that make noise”.

– You cook with eggs and pans, Macron commented, after policemen pelted frustrated citizens with eggs.

As Macron addressed the nation on Monday, opponents of pension reform protested by banging pots and pans.  Since then, some local conservatives have begun to impose bans on

Photo: Damien Meyer/AFP/TT

In France, the president is a dignitary, in a manner akin to a king at times. According to the law, it is forbidden to abuse or insult senior elected officials, and the offense can result in up to a year in prison and a fine of €15,000 (about SEK 170,000).

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The people now accused of libel are two men and a woman who gave the president the finger and shouted insults at Celeste.

It is not impossible that there will be more prosecutions.

Preliminary investigation Suspicious acts of vandalism have been attempted since union activists, among other things, cut off electricity during Macron’s visit to a factory in the nearby town of Matterschultz. The chief and his entourage had to wander in the dark.

Even when Macron visited a clinic and school in the Ganges River in southern France, it turned black. The meeting with teachers and students at school was supposed to take place in the schoolyard.