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US institute: Russia likely to take over Mariupol “in the near future”

On Saturday, the deputy mayor of Mariupol, Sergey Orlov, made an almost desperate plea for help. He said people are dying of starvation and dehydration, and that humanitarian aid is forbidden.

Some die from dehydration and lack of food. He told the BBC that some were dying from a lack of medication and insulin.

Some mothers do not have milk for their young children, and they do not have food for their older children. What do they do with their children? I do not know.

As Sergey Orlov said, 70 per cent of the hospital capacity in the city has been destroyed by the bombing. World Health Organization WHO confirms 72 attacks Against Ukrainian healthcare facilities, saying they are increasing daily.

According to Ukrainian data, about 100,000 people are still detained in Mariupol. Thousands managed to leave, but attempts to evacuate the population on a large scale were unsuccessful, after Ukrainian and Russian forces accused each other of artillery fire. A local MSF employee testifies about the difficult conditions in his hometown, in testimony he gave earlier in March.

“It has been almost a month since this nightmare started and the situation is getting worse every day. Every day in Mariupol people are dying due to shelling, shelling and lack of necessities – food, water and medical care.”

He himself managed to escape, leaving many behind.

“A large number of them are still hiding in destroyed buildings or in the basements of destroyed buildings without any form of external support,” he wrote.

Just over 4000 Mariupolpur They were evacuated on Saturday, including two children who were seriously injured, according to CNN, citing local authorities. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Irina Vereshuk said that two more humanitarian corridors will be established in Ukraine on Sunday, one in Mariupol.

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Lesya Vasylenko, a Ukrainian MP, said in an interview with Radio Times that the situation is getting worse across the country, and that people in Kyiv are being forced to drink sewage so as not to risk dehydration.

Fighting continues in Ukraine, the latest of which is a statement from Kirillo Budanov, head of the Ukrainian secret service. He says that Russia wants to divide Ukraine in two, after the forces failed to control the whole country.