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Joe Biden warns Putin against entering NATO

“For God’s sake, this man cannot maintain his position of power.”

This is what US President Joe Biden told hundreds of listeners in Warsaw.

“Don’t even think about entering a centimeter of NATO territory,” Biden said.

USA President Joe Biden travels in Europe. On Saturday, he spoke in front of hundreds of listeners in Polish Warsaw After meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Minister of Defense.

“My message to the Ukrainian people is the same as I addressed to the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense. We stand by you.”

He wants to get rid of Putin

Biden spoke of the world’s need to prepare for a long conflict and turned directly to Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

“For God’s sake,” said Joe Biden, “this man can’t maintain his position of power.”

US President Joe Biden spoke in Warsaw, Poland.

Hundreds of listeners to his speech at Warsaw Castle.

This is the first time Biden has explicitly called for regime change in Russia, according to CNN.

Russia’s response: ‘It’s not Biden’s decision’

Shortly after the speech, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded to the statement.

“It’s not something Biden can decide,” he said. “It’s only a choice the Russian people can make.” CNN.

After the speech, the White House wanted to comment on Biden’s statement and claimed he was not calling for regime change.

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“The president’s view was that Putin could not be allowed to exercise his power over his neighbors or the region,” he said. “He didn’t talk about Putin’s strength in Russia or any regime change,” a White House spokesperson told CNN. From Biden’s preparatory speech.

The president also spoke about the United States’ obligations as a member of NATO, but emphasized that Ukraine is not part of the alliance, which does not mean that the United States has an automatic obligation to intervene.

Biden also spoke about the United States’ commitments to being a member of NATO.

“American forces are not in Europe to come into conflict with Russian forces and American forces are here to defend NATO allies,” he said.

At the same time, Biden sent a warning to Putin.

“Don’t even think about entering a centimeter into NATO territory.”