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Europe’s support for Ukraine is ending

Europe’s support for Ukraine is ending

The Institute for World Economics in Kiel did one job exploratory study Which indicates that the trend has declined since April.

In July, only about 1.5 billion euros in new aid was pledged to Ukraine, most of which came from Norway. According to the report, countries are now focusing instead on providing military support that has already been pledged, but are backing away from new commitments.

– Ekaterina Rybinskaya, research leader at the institute, says that Europe is becoming less motivated to send weapons to Ukraine. Sweden Radio.

Christoph Trebisch, head of research at the institute, notes in the report that financial and military support does not cover Ukraine’s needs.

However, the institute’s maps do not include August figures.

The Estonian Ministry of Defense recently announced that the country will take part in a British-led training initiative for Ukrainian soldiers. In cooperation with Germany, Estonia will also send a field hospital to Ukraine.

The survey showed that the United States and the United Kingdom were the most reliable contributors over the past six months.

The United States is far ahead of anyone else. They have contributed €25 billion in military support, Rebinskaya tells SR.

A survey showed that Western countries’ financial and military support for Ukraine has fallen sharply in recent months. Photo: Olivier Matthys/AP/TT

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