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The United States increases pressure on Russia with more sanctions

The United States increases pressure on Russia with more sanctions

Vladimir Putin has been cornered, according to Joe Biden, who fears the Russian president will desperately use chemical and biological weapons that Russia denies even having. On Thursday, Biden will meet the leaders of NATO, the Group of Seven and the European Council in Brussels, and on Saturday he will be in Poland.

From the Ukrainian side, they are trying to pressure Putin to become increasingly lonely in his belief that a military attack is justified. At least five generals were said to have been killed, and testimonies about the lack of morale of the Russian soldiers were widely circulated.

At the same time, there are persistent reports of continuing attacks on Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine, the most crowded city from which the vast majority have fled and with an estimated population of only 100,000 left – the US Department of Defense claims that Russian forces are now within the city. Russia has in one way or another controlled most of Ukraine’s northern and eastern borders as well as the country’s Black Sea coast.

The Ukrainian army has He noted that the supplies of weapons were on the verge of running out, in particular, the arsenal needed to destroy Russian aircraft and combat vehicles. France and Germany in particular are under pressure to send promised munitions such as rocket-propelled grenades and anti-aircraft robots.

The Western world has imposed wide-ranging sanctions on a long line of Russian politicians, oligarchs and corporations, but new sanctions are expected from the United States on Thursday. More specifically, the White House intends to target about 400 people, including more than 300 members of the State Duma, according to the sources. The Wall Street JournalBut it is uncertain whether it will affect public opinion in parliament, where 325 of the 450 seats belong to Putin’s United Russia party.

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