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It is said that the cold autumn group has identified the killer of the zodiac

The Zodiac Assassin is one of the most talked about serial killers in the United States. In 1968 and 1969, the Tower Killer was said to have killed five people in California, but claimed to have killed many more than that.

The killer of the zodiac announced himself by sending several messages to newsrooms and the police along with, among other things, details about the murders that only the police or the killer knew. Many of the messages were in the form of encrypted codes and for a long time the police and the general public tried to decipher the codes. One of the codes actually managed to crack a couple in 1969 after the newspaper that received the message published the encryption.

Cracked code after more than 50 years

Recently in 2020, the trio managed to crack another killer’s encryption using a specially designed code hacking program. David Orancak, one of the three people who managed to decode said message CNN that despite the progress, they were disappointed that the cipher does not contain any personal information that could identify the killer.

Writes there are still two encryption left to break CNN.

Despite the unresolved encryptions, a group of cold case investigators now claim to have identified the killer of the towers. The Cold Case group is made up of about 40 investigators, journalists, and former military officials.

According to CNN, the group used new forensic and physical evidence. The cold case group must have also submitted evidence of their discovery to the court and must have obtained photographs from the former darkroom of the identified man. According to CNN, the man identified by the group as the killer of the zodiac was supposed to have passed away in 2018.

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Local police and FBI are keeping the investigation open

San Francisco police, which is still working on the case, said in a statement CNN, they said they are continuing their investigation despite the cold state group rating. The FBI, which has supported the San Francisco police in the work of the case, also says the investigation is ongoing and does not support the appointment of the cold case group.

The Zodiac Assassin case is still open. The FBI said in a statement to CNN that we have no new information to disclose at this time.

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