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Poland experienced EU law – sharp criticism of the union

Thursday’s ruling is the latest in a long-running dispute between the Warsaw government and the European Union. It could have far-reaching consequences for the Union’s future.

According to Julia Przylbska, President of the Constitutional Court, several parts of the EU treaty “contradict” the Polish constitution. In addition, according to Przybelska, the EU is acting “in a way that is beyond its competence”.

Reactions from the European Union and many member states after the ruling in Poland were strong, when the conclusion was clear: the Polish judiciary is higher than that of the EU.

– This is a dangerous situation. Intense confrontations predicted and raised concerns in the Union, in Brussels and many capitals, including Stockholm, says EU Minister Hans Dahlgren (South) by phone to TT after the decision.

In a commentary, the European Commission stated that the Polish court’s ruling raises “serious concerns,” as Reuters wrote.

inconsistent with the constitution

EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders points out that the EU’s legal system and its relationship with the judiciary in member states is a critical foundation for the union.

Dahlgren explains the tools the EU has: one is to pursue legal proceedings through the courts.

The second is the so-called conditionality mechanism, which enables the Union not to pay the EU contributions in full to those countries that do not respect the rule of law.

The Polish government immediately welcomed the court’s ruling.

Government spokesman Piotr Müller wrote on Twitter: “The primacy of the Constitution over other sources of law derives directly from the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. Today, this has been clearly demonstrated once again by the Constitutional Court.”

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But the rash has also been met with sharp criticism. By claiming that Polish law takes precedence over EU treaties, the entire EU system is open to question, as is Poland’s ability to remain in the union.

“the black day”

“This is another dark day for justice in Poland. The court has effectively ruled that Polish law takes precedence over EU law and challenges the EU’s ability to protect human rights and the rule of law in member states. The European Union on the Member states act immediately legally, politically and financially.”

Outside the court, about 30 EU supporters demonstrated.

– It’s a scandal. “They are taking us out of the European Union,” retiree Anna Lapus told AFP.

Hans Dahlgren says of his horizon that the great support among the Polish population of the European Union. After the weekend, he will meet the Polish minister in charge in Warsaw.

– Then I will explain how we look at the case, and listen to how they see it.