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The arrest of parliamentarians from the European Union on charges of corruption and money laundering in the chaos of Qatar

The arrest of parliamentarians from the European Union on charges of corruption and money laundering in the chaos of Qatar

On Friday, the Belgian police carried out several house raids against people suspected of accepting bribes. One of them is Eva Kaili, a Greek Social Democratic Member of the European Parliament and one of the Speakers of the Parliament.

“There are suspicions that people holding political and/or strategic positions in the European Parliament have received large sums of money or been offered large gifts to influence Parliament’s decisions,” said a statement released on Sunday by the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office. Investigate it for several months.

Kylie was arrested along with three other people.

“They are accused of belonging to a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption,” the statement read.

In connection with the raids, according to media reports, the police seized €600,000 in cash. They are said to have received money from the Qataris to influence decisions in the European Parliament in favor of the state.

Eva Kylie described before Politico As one of “Qatar’s most outspoken advocates,” W Recently called Qatar For a “leading country in terms of wage workers’ rights”. Kylie has Excluded From the S&D Social Democratic party group, his Greek party Pasok and stripped him of his role as vice-president of the EU Parliament.

According to the information, among the other detainees were the former Italian Social Democratic deputy, Antonio Panzieri, his former assistant, Francesco Giorgi, Eva Cayley’s partner, and the Secretary General of No Peace Without Justice, Nicolò Vega Talamanca.

According to media reports, two suspects – Luca Visentini, the Italian general secretary of the European Union and the father of Eva Kyli – have been released.

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Antonio Panzeri’s wife and daughter were simultaneously arrested by the Italian police with a European arrest warrant, Corriere della Sera reports.

Additional police fees

On Saturday, another police raid was carried out against the Social Democratic Member of Parliament of the European Union, Marc Tarabella. writes Belgian Knack. A computer and mobile phone were seized, but Trabella was not taken in for questioning. He denies receiving any money or gifts from Qataris.

– I have absolutely nothing to hide, and I will answer all questions of the investigators if it can help them shed light on this matter, Tarabella said in a comment.

Marc Tarabella is the Deputy Head of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with the Arabian Peninsula, which includes Qatar. Eva Kylie also sits in the delegation. according to VRT Belgian public service Trabella has recently been “remarkably positive” about human rights and the rights of wage workers in Qatar.

No entry visa to the European Union for Qataris

The European Union Parliament is considering a proposal to grant Qatar, Oman, Ecuador and Kuwait visa-free access to the EU, meaning they should be able to enter without applying for a visa. In early December, the responsible committee voted in favor of the motion and the issue is expected to come up at this week’s European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg. But several parliamentarians are said to have asked for a postponement of the vote and in the meantime a debate over the corruption allegations. On Monday, leaders of party groups in the European Parliament are expected to debate the issue.

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EU Commissioner: One of the most dramatic corruption cases

EU Social Democratic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni commented on RAI’s statements this weekend.

– Gentiloni said if someone is confirmed to have been paid to try to influence the views of the European Parliament, it will indeed be one of the most dramatic corruption cases in recent years.

The European Union’s external representative, Josep Borrell, commented on the incident on Monday morning.

The data is very worrying. I’m sure you understand these are very serious allegations, Burrell said.

MEP for the Center Party, Abeer Al-Sahlani, believes that the incident undermines the reputation of the European Union Parliament.

“This is frankly abhorrent behaviour. It undermines the reputation of the institution in the worst possible way. Getting paid to praise Qatari labor rights within the EU is sheer nonsense if you ask me,” Al-Sahlani writes in Twitter.

The arrested MEPs belong to the S&D Social Democratic party group, which also includes the Swedish Social Democratic Party.

– Of course, I am very angry, just like the rest of my classmates. European Parliamentarian Evin Enser (S) said that corruption is a heinous crime. to be repeated.

Qatar rejected it

Qatar rejects accusations of giving bribes. Reuters reports.