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Israel: Destroying Hamas tunnels will take a long time

Israel: Destroying Hamas tunnels will take a long time

According to Gallant, the recent Israeli ground raids on Gaza are direct preparation for an imminent attack. Soldiers and armored vehicles, supported by aircraft, drones and artillery, attacked Hamas strongholds and military infrastructure two nights in a row.

One of the goals of the upcoming ground offensive is to destroy Hamas’ extensive tunnel network.

Gallant, in a meeting with a small group of reporters on Friday, described the whole matter as a difficult task that will take time. It also indicates that the attack will mark the beginning of a period of low-intensity fighting as Israel battles Hamas’ “pockets of resistance.”

The Defense Minister also warns that Hamas is likely trying to seize fuel – intended for hospital generators – arriving in the Gaza Strip with aid shipments. According to Yoav Gallant, Hamas needs fuel to pump air into its tunnels.

– To get air, they need oil. For oil, they need us, Gallant says, in terms of getting fuel into the region.

He has repeated several times in recent weeks that Israel intends to carry out a ground attack, but without specifying a date.

– Gallant said in a televised speech on Thursday: – We are preparing to continue the attack and new steps are being taken.

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