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Bengt Olson: Ebba Bush’s bullying is a schoolyard

During the 1980s, Olof Palm described the then moderate leader, Ulf Adelson, as a “foreign bird”, prompting Adelson’s predecessor, Gunnar Heckscher, to engage in the debate and claim the expression was anti-Semitic.

Regardless, it captures something important.

Adelson I was A strange bird among the party leaders. Happy point captured dancing in a short skirt in the Philippines. Which the Swedes have not forgotten.

During the party leader’s debate in “Agenda”, she realized that even now there is a “strange bird” among the party leaders, whose name is Ebba Bush.

It’s painfully evident throughout Holm’s point-filled career. Magdalena Andersson will never calm down when the leader of another party is expelled, Per Bollund will never dare laugh out loud in the vest when the leader of another party instills that one must tell the truth.

Eba Bush deviates Standing out from others by her stripped-down appearance, cheerful tone of speech and eternal smile, she exudes a mixture of big-city charm, edgy frivolity, and the kind of jerky self-confidence that belongs to youth, which is so much more than that. Colleagues know they can be easily scratched.

The provocative thing about Ebba Bush is that she never lets herself get scratched.

In the US, you could have gone as far as you wanted. But here she is a completely non-Swedish politician.

Ebba Bosch caught the Fallow sausage herself, and her opponents will never let her forget it

I’m not a Christian Democrat, nor do I fail when she has time to speak, especially when she gets up to make small sounds like singing in the pulpit or humming similes from Billy Svanslaus or saying a jerk in her voice to be The Swedish people and our agony when we hit the automation button from some electricity supplier whose name we don’t even know.

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All politicians are embarrassed when they resort to such things. But with Ebba Busch it’s something else. She curls up on the couch, groping for the pillow and wishing it was more like others. Gray-skinned party leaders like the Ombudsman, or slinky with jingling dancing jewels, party leaders beaming with binders and drawing on PowerPoint.

But though I fail as well as everyone else, I am still more uncomfortable with the mechanics of school expulsion; How Ebba Busch’s antagonist indicates in every look and pose that she is the alien bird, that everyone in the room knows about it, as if by silent agreement, and that it is now just a matter of keeping her farther and farther away.

The only way to show group limits is to challenge them. If you end up right, you will become a pioneer and pioneer. If you end up wrong, it will get inexorably colder around your earlobes.

Ulf Alsson has been obsessed with the long skirt all his life. Ebba Bosch caught the Fallow sausage herself, and her opponents will never let her forget it. It also has sexy sexual connotations which is just a bonus.

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