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Kylie, who is accused of bribery, has voted for the vice-president of the European Parliament

Kylie, who is accused of bribery, has voted for the vice-president of the European Parliament

The vote in the European Parliament at lunchtime ended with 625 votes to one to oust Kayli the Greek from the position as one of the 14 vice-presidents of Parliament. Two people also cast their votes.

The Greek is accused of corruption in connection with an attempted bribery linked to Qatar.

She, her partner and two others who were arrested will appear before their first hearing in Belgium tomorrow.

“she is innocent”

Her lawyer spoke in her native Greece.

Her position is that she is innocent, and has nothing to do with bribes from Qatar. I don’t have any information on whether or how much money was found, attorney Michaels Dimitracopoulos tells OpenTV.

Later in the afternoon, MEPs will hold a formal debate on the corruption scandal. In addition, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson is expected to speak on behalf of the EU Commission.

Schinas support

So far, only people with ties to the EU Parliament have been drawn into the row. However, questions have also been raised about positive previous statements by Qatar, for example, the European Union Commissioner Margaritis Schinas, who is, among other things, in charge of sports affairs and who was present during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

However, the commission publicly supports Schinas.

“The position he has taken is in line with the position of the commission. We also want to confirm that Mr. Schinas is not under investigation,” chief spokesman Eric Mamer said in a statement, according to the Politico Europe news website.

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SVT’s European correspondent David Boati answers three questions about the EU bribery scandal. picture: SVT / Eric Vidal / TT