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Poland’s Constitutional Court: The European Union is violating our constitutions

According to the Constitutional Court, the EU is acting “in a manner that is beyond its competence” and that many EU laws are in conflict with Poland’s constitution.

– It is a serious indication that they do not respect the decisions of the European Court of Justice, says Hans Dahlgren.

may be fine

The European Commission has already responded in a comment, that the ruling by the Polish court raises “serious concerns,” according to Reuters. The court’s ruling could have significant economic consequences for Poland. They can be fined and grant payments can be stopped by the European Commission.

“Polexit” is unlikely

But despite the strained relations between the European Union and Poland following today’s proposal, Hans Dahlgren does not believe that “Pulexit”, that is, a Polish withdrawal from the union, is imminent.

– No, I don’t think so, I know that there is strong support for EU membership among the Polish population. I don’t think the Polish government wants to oppose that.

Criticism from a human rights organization

The Polish government immediately welcomed today’s ruling. The court appointed several judges loyal to the conservative government’s Law and Order (PIS) party. Its legality has been called into question, according to The Guardian.

But the decision was also met with criticism.

“This is another dark day for justice in Poland. In its judgment, the Court has virtually ruled that Polish law takes precedence over EU law and challenges the EU’s ability to protect human rights and the rule of law in member states,” Eva Gedi of Amnesty International wrote in a statement .

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Want to see fewer confrontations

In the coming days, Hans Dahlgren will travel to Poland and meet with the EU Minister and he will hear more about the issue. Hopes for further cooperation.

I think it is important that we have more cooperation within the union and less confrontation. We agreed when we became members of the European Union that we must stand up for these core values ​​of independent courts, work for democracy and justice and so on. We will do more to move forward together rather than this kind of confrontation.