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Tele2 warns: Many mobile phones will stop working

Soon, a number of mobile phones in Sweden will stop working.

It will no longer be possible to call, send SMS or go online.

This will already be the reality at the end of next year for a whole group of individuals and companies that have not yet updated their technical equipment.

– We need to prioritize new technology in our networks, says Eileen Ovius, Network Director at Tele2, in a press release.

Urges: “Act now.”

The telecom giant points to the change that will happen in 2025 when the 2G and 3G network will be completely shut down.

This is to enable faster, more stable and more secure services over 45 and 5G instead.

According to Tele2, it is time to adapt to the new development so as not to risk, for example, mobile phones, broadband, alarms, card terminals and emergency telephones in lifts still connected to the old network stopping working.

– Currently, there are a lot of people affected who do not know about it, Tele2 confirms in its press release and adds:

– As a private person, organization, business or connected service provider, you need to act on change now.

Half off

The phase-out of legacy mobile networks is already well underway.

So far, more than half of the 3G network has been shut down.

– Modern networks are at the forefront globally and are an important basis for competitive business life, effective community service and green transformation. Technological transformation also means replacing older equipment with more efficient and energy-smart technology, says Robert Liljeström, an economic policy expert at TechSverige.

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Telenor, Tilia and Tree

In addition to Tele2, Telenor, Telia and Tre are behind the media campaign that is now being launched to raise awareness of the change.

We urge all operators to replace all outdated solutions with modern technology before it is too late.

– Before the campaign, we involved many organizations, companies and authorities, says Robert Lilleström.

Our hope is that as many people as possible will participate, spread knowledge, and contribute to everyone reviewing their connected electronic devices while at the same time taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the new networks.

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Text: Editors