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It is expected that there will be difficult negotiations on support for Ukraine

Updated at 11.30 | Published 10.46

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (centre) at the open meeting of the EU Commission, presenting information ahead of the European Council meeting.

European Union leaders are making a new attempt to agree long-term support worth 50 billion euros for Ukraine.

– We do not know whether we will be able to agree tomorrow, warns Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (man).

At the last EU summit in December, Hungary halted an increase in the current long-term EU budget, which includes €50 billion for Ukraine in the coming years.

In the European Union Committee, Kristersson stressed the importance of the union of the 27 EU countries at the EU summit on Thursday. This is partly because Ukraine risks running out of money in March, and partly to signal to the US that the EU is not failing in its support for Ukraine. Otherwise, the Prime Minister sees a growing risk that the aid package blocked in the US Congress will not reach Ukraine.

Hungary suggested that the EU should not give the green light to the entire aid package at once, but wants to make decisions year by year. The EU's compromise proposal is to discuss support annually, but without having to make new decisions.

– Christerson says this problem has not been solved yet.

He wants long term

It is stated that the Swedish government will not prevent a settlement between all EU countries, even if that means, for example, decisions having to be made year after year.

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— but as long-term as possible and with as little uncertainty as possible, the better, Christerson says.

According to him, Hungary could also make demands for more EU funds for EU border guards.

– Of course, we have no problem in strengthening the European Union's external border guards, says the Prime Minister.

Hungary also wants to get rid of EU aid to the country, which has been withheld because Hungary does not meet EU requirements regarding the rule of law.

– The government will not accept any concessions on the principles of the rule of law, says Christerson.

If Hungary and the other 26 EU leaders cannot reach an agreement, it may become appropriate for the 26 EU countries to provide support to Ukraine through their national budgets.

– It would be worse and more technically complex than the solution already on the table, Christerson says.

Such a solution would require a decision to be taken in each national parliament.

The government's position before negotiations on EU aid to Ukraine was supported by the EU Commission.