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Nikki Haley's new attack: “Grumpy Old Men” |  the world

Nikki Haley's new attack: “Grumpy Old Men” | the world

Nikki Haley's campaign cut out the faces of Joe Biden and Donald Trump on the old movie poster.

picture: Nikki Haley campaign

Nikki Haley.

picture: Matt Kelly/AP TT

The new release refers to the comedy film “Grumpy Old Men” – “Griniga gamla gubbar” in Swedish – from 1993. The film follows two neighbors who compete and argue with each other for several years over everything possible.

On Wednesday, Nikki Haley's campaign team released a modified version of the film's poster. Instead of actors, they cut out the faces of 77-year-old Donald Trump and 81-year-old Joe Biden.

Through videos, digital ads and emails, the idea is to paint a bleak future in which either Biden or Trump is re-elected, he writes. New York times.

“Nearly 50% of Republicans and 70% of Americans do not want to see angry seniors walking around the United States while our country is on the brink and the world is burning,” Olivia Perez-Cubas, a spokeswoman for Nikki Haley, said in a statement. .

She points to polls that have shown that many Americans don't want to see another election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump – although that will likely be based on today's polls.

Multiple attacks against the opponent's age

Nikki Haley, 52, the former governor of South Carolina, remains alone as a challenger to Donald Trump ahead of the primaries. During her campaign, she repeatedly criticized Trump and Biden.

– The truth is that when you are their age, you suffer from mental deterioration. It doesn't matter who you are. “You go into mental decline,” she said Tuesday on CBS Morning.

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Donald Trump responded to the letter later on Tuesday. He described Haley's statements as “ridiculous.”

“The truth is that Haley knows she doesn't have a valid argument or even a coherent reason why she should be president,” Trump said.

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