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Hurricane swept parts of New Orleans

Hurricane swept parts of New Orleans

The US Meteorological Agency described it as “big and promising”. via Twitter People to take protection. In the movies, the ominous black roller is seen sweeping across the evening sky.

“There was a very strong wind, almost like a hurricane that just happened,” says Rocher, who lives in the Arab neighborhood of eastern New Orleans where the tornadoes swept, to

Residents describe it as the sound of a freight train approaching and shaking the entire house.

– I put my whole family in the bathroom. There he closed his ears and only understood what had happened. It lasted for ten seconds max, says Richie Majors, and when it came out it looked like Ukraine On the local Fox 8 NOLA channel.

The mayor’s office in the St. Bernard area states that there is no electricity, buildings are badly damaged and people are stuck in their damaged homes.

It is also said that many roads are impassable.

According to local media, many people were taken to hospitals and homes were destroyed.

A major storm hit parts of the southern United States, previously causing tornadoes to form in Texas and Oklahoma.

Wood outside a house in Arabi, New Orleans. Photo: Gerald Herbert/AP/TT

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