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Pakistan.  Imran Khan faces a vote of no-confidence

Pakistan. Imran Khan faces a vote of no-confidence

Since Pakistan became an independent country in 1947, no democratically elected prime minister has completed his five-year term. Former cricket star Imran Khan ruled the country for nearly four years and is now suffering from a crisis threatening his standing.

More than a dozen MPs have withdrawn from Imran Khan’s PTI, and according to the opposition parties that have now called for a vote of no-confidence, the prime minister lacks the support of a majority of members. In recent days, Imran Khan has appealed to dissidents. “Come on, you will forgive in the same way a father forgives his children,” he said at a meeting in Punjab, according to Reuters.

According to the opposition, misconduct Imran Khan Economics and Pakistani Foreign Policy. Many observers believe that the prime minister also came to terms with the military, which is the real power factor of Pakistan, which weakened its position. The country was ruled for long periods by military dictators.

Pakistan is characterized by a free fall economy and almost daily attacks by Islamist militant groups. A struggle for political power can increase tensions between different groups. Next weekend, both the ruling party and the opposition have called for mass rallies in the capital, Islamabad, which in itself could lead to increased unrest and clashes.

Omran Khan The clearest political message is to fight corruption. Over time, his rhetoric became increasingly hostile to the United States and the West, and he considered China and Russia to be his friends.

His superstar status in Pakistan is still primarily related to the efforts in cricket. Imran Khan is considered one of the best players of all time and was behind winning the World Cup in 1992, one of Pakistan’s proudest moments.

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