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Everything we know about the September 30 internet outage

The various devices that will become obsolete, including computers, are those devices It does not update automatically and the smart phones The software versions have been running for years.

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Computers that will be affected by the internet outage

This expiration, which will take the devices out of circulation, will happen due to let’s encrypt, which provides users with the digital certificates they need to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) websites for free; will stop using a file Old root certificate.

This news alerted users who are looking for options to update their devices and prevent them from turning off.

According to a statement let’s encryptSome Android operating systems prior to version 7.1.1 can maintain broad compatibility thanks to co-signing, which extends beyond the expiration of DST Root CA X3.

This will be possible because IdenTrust has agreed to issue a three-year cross-signature of ISRG Root X1 from DST Root CA X3.

This solution will work because Android does not enforce expiration dates for certificates used as trust anchors.

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What is Let’s Encrypt?

A non-profit organization for free use, it issues certificates that encrypt communications between your devices and the rest of the Internet, ensuring that no one can intercept and steal your data in transit.

Millions of websites trust Let’s Encrypt, but The root certificate you are using (IdentTrust DST Root CA X3) will expire on September 30.

This organization, which has issued in early September more than two billion certificates since its founding in 2014, said Take Crunch Users should check if they have been using affected versions of OpenSSL and operating systems for years.

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The advice for those who cannot update their devices is to check if the new cross-signature can work for them.

Although the Most of the website users are expected to have nothing to worry about and September 30th will pass almost without incident.. But users of older devices will notice.

The issues to be reported will be very similar to what expires when AddTrust’s external CA Root expires in May and Stripe, Red Hat, and Roku experience outages as a result.

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Infected devices

The highest chances of hacking will be for devices that are not regularly updated, including devices Oldest Playstation that has not been updated to the latest firmware.

Users running older versions of macOS 2016 and Windows XP (with Service Pack 3) are the most problem-prone, along with those that rely on OpenSSL 1.0.2 the previous.

Other affected users will be those who still own iPhone models that have an operating system prior to iOS 10, such as Iphone 5.

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