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Evil bots have taken over the internet. They are responsible for an increasing proportion of network traffic

Although we hope that we are still far from the reality in which machines have taken over the world, the situation in virtual space is a little different. It turns out that bots are chasing us in a row from the Internet.


Statistics revealed in a new report from cloud security service provider Barracuda Networks that automated traffic accounts for nearly two-thirds (64%) of all internet activity. The list turns out to be 25 percent. Automated traffic came from good bots — such as search engine crawlers and social networks — while nearly fifty (39 percent) came from bad bots.

to bad robots They range from basic web scrapers and attack scripts to advanced persistent bots. These advanced bots do their best to bypass standard security measures and attempt to perform malicious activities surreptitiously. The report revealed that the most popular among these persistent bots are those targeting e-commerce applications and login portals.

Nitzan Meron

“While some bots, such as search engine crawlers, are good, our research shows that more than 60% of bots are designed to perform malicious acts at scale. Left unchecked, these bad bots can attack user accounts, distorting analysis, Data theft affects website performance and destroys customer experience.”

Vice President of Product Management and Application Security at Barracuda


Interestingly, European bot traffic is more likely to come from hosting services (VPS) or home IP addresses than from North America, most of which came from public data centers.