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Excel is really eSport: they’re attending a tournament with a prize of $20,000

Although difficult to understand, Microsoft Excel is already an eSport…at least by the same company that programmed it, well They are organizing a competition within the World Cup for Financial Modeling with a prize of 20 thousand dollars And all glory to the victor.

This tournament It is organized directly by Microsoft, which wants to continue to expand the capabilities of its spreadsheet program, which for decades has been central to the business, financial and executive industries.

FMWC will put the greatest Excel experts to compete | Source: FMWC The way this little competition will be Develop financial models in Excel. Obviously, which one is more efficient and functional will be evaluated and the list of competitors will consist of eight different athletes from Godinez:

  • John Lim from Australia
  • Michael Jarman from Canada
  • Anoop Agarwal de India
  • Jeff Heng Siang Tan de Malacia
  • Gabriela Strug from Poland
  • Jason Webber from South Africa
  • Andrew Ngai from United Kingdom
  • Stephanie Anerose from the United States

all of them They will go individually with real-time programming as in any basic programming language coding course. The difference is that this time it will be made from a program that is common to most people, plus it is a central part of the financial world.

The judges will be in this tournament Adam Callins, Senior Program Manager at Microsoftt, an expert in developing solutions in Excel, as well as a regular consumer of esports, who will try to add excitement to the competition; s Daniel Stein Fairhurst, Most Professional at Microsoft, as well as corporate coach and president of Plum Solutions, a company entirely dedicated to financial models.

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If you are interested in watching and debuting the first official Excel course called eSport, you can do so through the official channels of the World Cup of Financial Modeling Online, where we will see how it evokes as many emotions as football or soccer. laughing loudly.


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