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"Except for the first goal, he didn't look much."  Such an assessment of Lewandowski's game is an exception to football

“Except for the first goal, he didn’t look much.” Such an assessment of Lewandowski’s game is an exception to football

Until the break in the Bayern game against Goyal, played in the rain, was in a goalless draw. The most important moment of Robert Lewandowski’s meeting came in the second half. He scored in the twelfth game in a row, and an hour later his team took a 1-0 lead Games.

The media puts Lewandowski next to Bayern Hero

Bayern quickly increased the goal advantage, but quickly lost – Goyal scored two goals in five minutes, making it 2: 2. In the end, the Bavarians won the match 3-2 after a second goal from Serge Knabry.

Yes, Robert Lewandowski scored a goal with FC Goyal! Record success [WIDEO]

Also the most rated player is German. The media wrote about it “changed the competition” and decided on Bayer’s victory. Who else can count on high scores? Robert Lewandowski. Most poles are rated 1-5, similar to Knopry-2, where “1” is considered world-class.

“Tradition Made”

“He did a lot of work in the first half, went deep and asked for passes, but he was not lucky. After a break in tradition, he finished. He gave Bayern the opportunity to take the lead” – Judge reporters. “Lewandowski did not get many dangerous chances in the first half, but it quickly changed when he easily caught Jamal Mucila’s excellent pass after the break,” Daily Apprentice reports.

Germany Bundesliga SoccerRobert Lewandowski with another achievement! No one in Bayern has done that yet

The portal of the “Run” newspaper praised the pole for trying to create opportunities for himself from the beginning. “He was active and engaged in tough fights. After 50 minutes, he had to add Stop After Mucila did a great job. Then he spoiled his rivals again, but he only hit the bar “- journalists write.” TZ “only judged him a little worse, he gave him a” 3 “and wrote:” Except for the first goal, he’s very invisible “.

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Germany Soccer BundesligaRobert Lewandowski Chases Bayern Myth! There is only one goal

For Bayer, the win against Goyal is the first Bundesliga of the season. Now Julian Knollsmann’s players will play in the German Cup, where they face Bremer on Wednesday 25 August. They will return to the Bundesliga with a home game against Hertha Berlin on Sunday 29 August.