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Udinese - Juventus.  Conclusion and relationship.  The devastating performance of Wojciech Chasny

Udinese – Juventus. Conclusion and relationship. The devastating performance of Wojciech Chasny

  • The most important motivator for Juventus before this season was the return of Massimiliano Allegri. The Italian was guaranteed victory for five years and now he has returned to Turin to regain control of the league
  • The 54-year-old’s favorite, Paolo Taibala, showed off his skills several times in the first half. The old lady came into the dressing room with a safe deposit
  • Wojciech Chaosny exhibited the worst performance in team colors from Piedmont. Two big mistakes of the pole lost his team points
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This is the most important boost for Juventus ahead of the new season. Allegri bid farewell to Turin five years later, winning the Serie A five times, winning the Italian Cup four times, winning the Super Cup twice and reaching the Champions League final twice.

Club President Andrea Agnelli wanted the club to become more attractive and fashionable. He hired Maricio Sarri, who was able to defend the championship, and Andrea Birlow, who did not do the trick. It only requires a proven solution and a return to the coach to guarantee success. Without the beautiful ball, but important hits.

In the third minute of the match, Alegri could successfully laugh. Rodrigo Pentago had a flat pass to the penalty area, and Paulo Diabala was very cautious and scored. Argentina have always been one of the coaches’ favorites, and after the latter returned to the club, he received the shield of a second captain. The 54-year-old around him will create the team’s offensive.

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After 20 minutes, Dipala was even happier. His several dozen-meter transfer to Juan Quadrato was a great play, as the striker only needed a glimpse of Colombia before this play. He had fun in the penalty area with the Udinese defenders and defeated Marco Sylvester.

The best player in the first half was Taibala. We did not see any more goals in it. The Old Lady was leading the game and she had opportunities, but often allowed the hosts into her penalty area. However, in situations like this, the defenders of the zoo, led by Leonardo Ponzi, kept their peace and punches every time. This silence will end in the second installment.

The second half started with a big mistake by Wojciech Chowdhury. In the 50th minute, Tolkien failed to catch Arslan’s strike. He spat the ball in front of him and it was caught by the same player who had shot it earlier. The goalkeeper misused Germany, received a yellow card and was awarded a penalty. It probably used Roberto Pereira. This was the beginning of problems for the goalkeeper and the whole Juventus.

In the 60th minute Danilo appeared to have misled Gerrard Toulofieu in his own penalty area, but after VAR analysis referee Jens Stryzer did not give the hosts “eleven” due to Larson’s offside position. Still in the 66th minute, Dipala broke the post, the game was accelerated by Cristiano Ronaldo, who was introduced after an hour of play.

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In the 83rd minute, Wojciech Chesny could choose all possible solutions, but he chose the worst of them. Being on the left side of the penalty area, he started to shake up with Stefano Okaho, and he lost this fight. The ball hit Dulofieu’s feet and he had to push the ball into the empty goal. Until!

After that, we saw the real thunder. Dybala tried to win the game on his own, and Udines believed not only in a draw, but also in a win. The hosts hit the target with a broken and very electric Szczesny. However, this is not the third mistake.

Juventus fans went crazy in the 94th minute – it looked like their club skin had been saved by someone who expected it. Cristiano Ronaldo flew in the air in his own style in the penalty area and scored an unbearable shot. The arbitrator, after VAR analysis, did not recognize the target by the Portuguese attack. The most exciting minute of the game was over and the Udinese did not let the opponents get close to their penalty area and the game was over.

Inter Milan won the first round of Serie A 4-0 in style, and Juventus are already behind the leader. A draw with Udinese fans, players and, above all, Massimiliano Allegri, but Wojciech Szczęsny lost two points in two moments of weakness. Pole had his worst performance for the old lady.

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Udinese Calcio – Juventus 2: 2 (0: 2)