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Explosions in Kyiv – 80 percent of the population is without water

The mayor of the capital said that the Russian attacks on Monday morning left many Kyiv residents without water and 350,000 homes without electricity. Vitali Klitzko on the Telegram messaging service.

“Currently, due to the emergency in Kyiv, 80 percent of consumers are without water,” he said in a statement, adding that work to restore electricity was continuing.

According to the Ukrainian military, more than 50 Russian cruise robots were used in the attacks, according to AFP. According to the information, 44 of them must have been shot down.

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that Russia has bombed military and energy infrastructure targets in Ukraine, AFP reported.

According to the ministry, high-precision long-range weapons were used against military command and power systems.

important infrastructure

Important infrastructure was hit, among others, in the Cherkasy region southeast of Kyiv, and from the cities of Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhya, and reports of possible power outages were received after the attacks.

In Kharkiv, the subway has stopped working, the Associated Press reports, and some parts of the country’s railways have lost electricity supply, according to the country’s railway company.

The chief of staff of the Ukrainian president said, Andrej Jermac In a comment after the attacks.

Electricity supply problem

The President of Ukraine said in his speech on Sunday evening Volodymyr Zelensky Ukrainian forces resisted a Russian attack in Donetsk.

– He said that today they stopped the brutal attack of the enemy – the Russian attack was repelled.

He also stated that during Sunday Ukraine did not have to cut power anywhere in the country, but some electricity could be restored after last week’s Russian attacks.

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However, he urged motorists and pedestrians to be careful in the dark.

– Be especially careful on the roads at night. There have been several calls, especially from the police, for pedestrians to wear reflectors on their clothing. This is important for both children and adults, Zelensky said.

Areas under Russian control, areas with a Russian military presence, Ukrainian counterattacks, and areas claimed by Russia, October 30.