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Russia recruits elite Afghan soldiers |  GP

Russia recruits elite Afghan soldiers | GP

Information that Russia is trying to recruit former elite soldiers comes from three former Afghan generals, interviewed by the Associated Press.

They testify that Russia – with its promises of $1,500 monthly stipend and sanctuary to soldiers and their families – is trying to build a force made up of foreign soldiers.

Soldiers fled from Afghanistan to neighboring Iran in connection with the withdrawal of US forces last year. Now they do not dare to return to their homeland for fear of Taliban rule.

Recruitment is via the infamous Moscow-backed mercenary group Wagner, says former general Abdul Rauf Arghandiwal.

– They don’t want to go and fight – but they have no choice, says Abdul Rauf Arghandiwal.

It is unclear how many soldiers have been lured by the Russians, but one says that in his WhatsApp group, there are about 400 former elite soldiers who are considering offers.

We didn’t get these individuals out as promised, says former CIA officer Michael Mulroy, who fought in Afghanistan, adding that the soldiers involved are both skilled and violent.

– Frankly, I would not like to see them on any battlefield, but above all they do not fight against the Ukrainians.

Neither the Russian Ministry of Defense nor the US wants to comment on the data.

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