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Bolsonaro’s silence raises concerns |  SVT News

Bolsonaro’s silence raises concerns | SVT News

Jair Bolsonaro has yet to speak publicly and thus has not conceded defeat to Lula da Silva in the Brazilian presidential election since the election results were announced on Sunday.

Bolsonaro announced on Monday that he will deliver a televised address to the nation, but it is unclear when.

At the same time, concerns were raised in Brazil about the reaction of the incumbent president. He has a long history of discrediting the Brazilian electoral system without evidence, and has warned on several occasions of the danger of electoral fraud.

– This was, among other things, the reason why many world leaders rushed to congratulate Lula on his victory in the elections, to send a signal that “we recognize the results of the elections,” says Tigran Weiler.

Tigran Weiler believes Bolsonaro is in a difficult position. On the one hand, there are those from within the president’s party, the Liberal Party, who advocate his contest in the election results. On the other hand, there are those who have done well in gubernatorial elections who do not want to put sticks in the wheels of their political lives.

– It will be a dilemma that will be difficult for Bolsonaro to deal with, says Tigran Weiler.

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It’s called Brazil’s response to Trump. But who really is Jair Bolsonaro? picture: AP/TT
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