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Fatal shooting on a opportunistic street in Christiania

Fatal shooting on a opportunistic street in Christiania

A 22-year-old man was shot and killed in Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. A 31-year-old man was injured in the same incident.

Police were alerted to the shelter around 01:00 at night until Saturday and found the men who had been shot there.

– One of them was pronounced dead immediately. The other, who was also injured, was taken to hospital. The head of the preliminary investigation said that he underwent surgery and is in stable condition ESPN Godixen.

According to the Ritzau news agency, the shooting took place at the entrance to Boucher Street, the unofficial street in Christiania, where cannabis controlled by criminals is openly sold.

No one has been arrested and the police do not yet know if the shooting was linked to the gang. It is also not clear whether the men were the target of an attack or random victims.

The Autonomy of Christiania called a general meeting. Shelter spokeswoman Hulda Mader describes the incident as tragic and says many residents were shocked.

There has long been friction between residents of the area and cannabis sellers. In 2016, Christians demolished the stalls on Pusher Street, which were reconstructed. When the shelter was closed last year to epidemics, it was decided that peddlers who at the same time caused insecurity in nearby areas would be relocated from Christiania.

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